Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Economy Going Down

I have now found out that the mines I was lay'ed off at, has now decided to go idle for a month. Meaning that another 500 employees or so are out of a job. Not only has this been my mines with the problems, but other large mining corporations has shut down 3 more mines and a prep plant in a neighboring county. This for sure, is one more way to show that our economy is about to crash. Unemployment for America has hit another high this month, with more to come. It is my opinion, that we should for sure start planning for the worst. I can see now that it can even come back to where we are fending for ourselves and our families by any means. I already take some precautions, but could take many more. It is sad that with so many countries buying into themselves, we "The LARGEST" country, is supporting everyone else. Instead of ourselves. All because we are afraid to offend people. It's going to come a time when we have to take a stand for ourselves, and I can't wait. I feel we have lost what America truly stands for! We say it's a free country, but yet our children can't pray in school because someone might be offended. Well, I say this is our country if you don't like it, leave. America is based on freedom and religion. So how come we can't practice ours? My thoughts are; if you want to come to our country; learn our language, learn our beliefs, and live our ways. This is OUR country!!! Yes, it is a free country! Feel free to come and live our ways, or feel free to leave! So now I feel that if our government wants us to take our taxes and stimulus checks and buy other countries supplies, I will do one better for them. I will plant a bigger garden, can more fruit, and buy supplies to be ready for when this government hits depression. My family will not have to go without, because I will be ready to live off the grid. As my friend the scavenger would say. That's all I can say for now, but I will have much more later. Along with ways to be prepared.

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  1. Down for sure man. The news scares me to death sometimes. Make sure you are putting some food back too. Food storage is a must, every little bit helps too. Pick up a little extra each time you can for your "LTS" Long Term Storage. Get out those sales papers from your grocery store and see what can be had for a bargin. I bought Chef BoyArdee canned meat and pasta for 58 cents a can at Kroger today. Got all they had and going back in the morning to get more. Nice easy heat and eat meals, not just a can of corn or gren beans.