Saturday, February 7, 2009

Please people, WAKE UP!

Don't have much to say tonight. Been with family discussing how I feel about how the economy is crap, and we need to get ready. My wife is slow to think the way I do, but is young at the same time. We were at my cuz's house, who is a doctor. And even she agreed that you never know what can happen and that it wasn't looking good. She was telling my wife how the government covers up so much crap, and how they can get away with anything anymore. Well, the more I drank the more I got frustrated. Not with my wife, but with how the country which is so beautiful and full of chance, and is being corrupted so much from what we call a government. I also seen something tonight that was talking about how Obama is wanting ammunition raise by AT LEAST 50% as soon as possible. Until he can take it out as well as guns. That's just a bunch of crap, and nobody is going to take mine. It's already bad on the black market. Imagine how bad it would be once you can't purchase one. You wouldn't have anything to defend yourself from punks that did get it the wrong way. Well I'm just pissed and drunk venting! So I'll have more later.
Coal Miner


  1. Not only is their going to be a hefty FED TAX on ammo take a look at this site. The Dark Lord is gonna make sure each and every bullet has it's on chip so it can be tracked back to the buyer. Unconstitutional !!!! But look at this site to learn more about how our rights are in danger.

    Just copy and paste.

    Good post man, keep 'em coming.

  2. Thanks good buddy. Going to check the site out now!