Thursday, February 5, 2009

God gave you this land, Government tries to take it!

Here's something to ponder on. I sat today and listen to my father and his pastor talk for a while. The strange thing is, they were talking about the same things that Kentucky preppers, West Virginia preppers, Bullseye, and many others blog about everyday. The things they were talking about was how the government and economy is doing so bad. And how it's not just our economy doing bad, but the whole world is starting to do bad. Listen, when we had depressions before, it was Big country hit a little, and smaller ones hit harder. But now it's big countries and all that are being hit hard. Well, my point is, that even the bible speaks of this time coming people. It's a time when a NWO (new world order) will be created. Where the whole world looks to one man for its answers. It's going to be a time when all men's money and credit cards are worth nothing anymore. Think about it, our country, NO our government is easing people in to believing more and more each day. When my dad was a kid, they had never seen guys walking down school halls holding hands. Or famous people coming out saying its okay to be gay and married. But television is telling kids now that it is. I'm not trying to hurt any one's feelings reading this, but that's just a bunch of crap. I wasn't raised that way and neither should kids be toady. But it's television that your letting your kids watch that says this. All so you don't have to hear them. People don't realize just how much power, "we the people" have. The government knew they couldn't do anything about gays. So they slowly eased it in so that it looks like they where the ones that aloud it to happen. Well all I have to say is there is a bunch more people out there that don't think like that, and we need to stand up and say enough is enough. Not just this topic, but many others. This government is going down, and everyone is going to look to someone to step up. A new world order is what they're going to want. Free trade everywhere, no more cash. Everything to be put on a card. There actually trying to get parents to put a chip in their kids skin so that it would be easier to read medical records and everything else. When it's truely just going to be another way to label and know where your at. That's just another mark of the beast in my eyes. We need to go back and start all over people. Live for ourselves in a country where we can be true Americans again. This government can only control the way we live, if we rely on them. My ancestors didn't rely on them, and I'm not going to either. Raise your own food instead of going to grocery stores. Buy your guns now before they take them, so you can kill your own meat. Find ways to live off of what God gave us, not the government. God has given us plenty on this earth to survive. All the government has done is try to whord it up and sell what God has already given us for free. I'm not trying to preach. I'm just speaking truth. We've come to rely on so many unnecessary things now days. I'll admit I've fallen to these things as well. But not anymore! I will work my way to depend on them less, and myself more. This government is not going to get the best of me, and make me fallow the devil to its pits of hell. But I'm going to live off Gods earth that he has already given me, and my own hands for the labor. That's right! People have it to easy now, and are afraid to get there hands dirty. That's just sad! This country would be a lot better off if we could just live under the "Declaration of Independents" in its true form. For the people that wrote, signed, and agreed on it was true wholehearted Americans at there best. Now, our government finds itself falling further away from its roots more and more. Do yourselves a favor, and DO NOT rely on this government to always dig you out of a whole. For they are the same people, that will leave you in the worse times for yourself.
All for now! Thanks for letting me vent!
Simple Coal Miner


  1. Right on brother. I feel the same way and I know many many others that do too. You got your head on straight buddy and don't let anyone tell you different. They'll have to answer to Ol' Bullseye if the do. Great job and keep on preppin.

  2. Thanks a lot buddy. It's crazy though! Even people in church see this stuff coming. I feel for the people thats going to follow under the goverments wings!